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Untangling Disaster Awareness and Preparedness via Mobile Communication Technology in SE Asia

Principal Investigator (PI): Asst Prof Lai Chih-Hui

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI): Nil

Collaborators: Nil

Funding Agency: American Red Cross

Start Date: Nov 2014

End Date: Mar 2015

Abstract: This is a multi-country project, which entails field data collection from Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines.

In response to Global Disaster Preparedness Centre’s (GDPC) initiative of developing flood hazard preparedness mobile apps in the four target countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines), this project is expected help GDPC determine whether Internet-based apps or texting-based messaging systems will be more effectively reaching and motivating individuals to engage in preparedness measures. Specifically, this research will examine whether and how individuals in these countries use mobile technologies, along with other sources and channels (media ecological systems), factoring in geographic and demographic variations. Insights of this research will provide GDPC the needed community- and country-specific parameters in designing the content of the message and selecting the appropriate media platform for message delivery.