Research Projects

External Grants

Year Project Title Awarded Amount
​2017 ​Virtual Integrated Therapy for Active Living (VITAL) Health Box: A Monitoring and Motivating Companion to Reduce Frailty and Maintain Health for Older Adults

Funding Agency: NHG(National Healthcare Group) - RRIS

(Prof Theng Yin Leng)
​2017 Preparedness versus Paranoia: Media Exposure and Singaporeans’ Awareness and Responses to the Zika Outbreak

Funding Agency: MOH-NMRC

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2017 ​A Time Based Assessment of Children Advertising Guidelines on Child Food Consumption and Preferences in Singapore

Funding Agency: MOH-HSRG

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2017 ​Social Robots to Enhance the Interactivity of the BP Initiative @ Schools Program

Funding Agency: Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF)

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2017 Learning Effectiveness of the Knowledge Co-Creation Approach to Ill-Structured Problems

Funding Agency: MOE TRF

(Asst Prof Pee Loo Geok)
​2017 A Baseline, Cross-Sectional and Intervention Study Investigating Individual, Cultural and Organisational Factors Influencing Ownership of Workplace Health and Safety Leading to a Mindset Change and Actions.

Funding Agency: Workplace Safety And Health Institute

(Prof Theng Yin Leng)
​2017 Social Media in Civic Engagement

Funding Agency: DSO National Laboratories

(Asst Prof Natalie Pang)
​2017 How Parenting Factors and Child Educational Environment Influence Children’s Online Risk-taking Behaviours: A Mixed Method Assessment

Funding Agency: Ministry of Social and Family Development

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2017 ​Modelling and Optimising Home Care And Caregiving Services For The Elderly

Funding Agency: Ministry of Health (MOH)

(Prof Theng Yin Leng)
​2016 PONdER: Public Opinion of Nuclear Energy

Funding Agency: National Research Foundation

(Assoc Prof Shirley Ho)
​2016 Evidence-Based Teaching of Literature Review Writing

Funding Agency: MOE TRF

(Assoc Prof Christopher Khoo)
​2016 Diffusion of News in an Age of Personal and Portable Interactive Devices

Funding Agency: MOE Tier 2

(Prof Richard Ling)
​2015 A population-level study of vaccine attitude, acceptance, and uptake in Singapore

Funding Agency: MOH

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2015 Harnessing the Virality of Rumors to Spread Facts

Funding Agency: MOE Tier 2

(Assoc Prof Alton Chua)
​2015 Monitoring Seasonal/Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness And Early Warning System For Outbreaks Or Emerging Infectious Diseases Amongst Healthcare Workers In A Hospital Setting Via An Integrated Digital Syndromic And Diagnostic Surveillance System (Flumobile)

Funding Agency: Tan Tock Seng Hospital

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2015 Altmetrics: Rethinking and Exploring New Ways of Measuring Research

Funding Agency: National Research Foundation

(Prof Theng Yin Leng)
​2014 Leadership in Strategic & Health Communication Education

Funding Agency: The Ogilvy Foundation, New York

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2014 BP Initiative @ Schools: Assessing the Extended and Longitudinal Effects of Knowledge Sharing and Measurement of Blood Pressure

Funding Agency: Singapore Heart Foundation

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2014 Social TV for the Elderly

Funding Agency: Singapore Tote Board

(Assoc Prof Jung Younbo)
​2014 Digital Media Literacy: Cyber Wellness of Singapore Youths and Adults

Funding Agency: Media Development Authority

(Assoc Prof Shirley Ho)

MOE Tier 1

This is an Academic Research Fund awarded by Ministry of Education (MOE). For projects under the Accountancy, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences discipline cluster, the TPV proposed should be less than $100,000 for over 3 years.

Year Project Title Awarded Amount
​2016 ​Scientists as Public Intellectuals: Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST)

(Assoc Prof Shirley Ho)
​2016 ​The Mobile App Gap - Mapping digital inequalities in mobile app usage among Singapore's youth

(Asst Prof Debbie Goh)
​2016 ​Assessing Social Media Literacy in Singapore

(Asst Prof Edson C Tandoc Jr.)
​2016 A Crowdsourcing Approach to Building a Smart City

(Assoc Prof Lee Chei Sian)
​2015 Re-mappings, re-constructions, re-layering and re-visits: Cinematic pasts as urban cultural resources

(Asst Prof Liew Kai Khiun)
​2014 Crisis Aftermath: Image Reinvention in Restoring Corporate Reputation and Regaining Stakeholder Confidence

(Assoc Prof Augustine Pang)
​2014 Understanding Singaporeans' attitudes toward homosexuality and perceptions of media portrayals of lesbians and gays: A longitudinal investigation

(Assoc Prof Benjamin Detenber)
​2014 Modelling Information Behaviour of Patients with Chronical Illness: Diabetes and Chronic Heart Conditions

(Assoc Prof M Shaheen Majid)
​2014 Human Computation Games for Discovering Social Media Content

(Assoc Prof Dion Goh)
​2014 Strategies for effective social media information seeking: New research framework, taxonomy and multilevel testing

(Asst Prof Joanna Sin)
​2014 The role of socialization agents in adolescents' responses to mobile marketing: A consumer socialization perspective

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)
​2014 Multi-screen social TV: investigating determinants of users’ attitude, viewing behavior and engagement

(Asst Prof Liew Kai Khiun)
​2013 Modelling Clinician Interaction With a Clinical Decision Support System for Wound Management and Early Recognition of Deteriorating Patients

(Assoc Prof Christopher Khoo)
​2013 ​Cyberbullying and Parental Mediation Strategies: A Comparative Assessment of Children and Teenagers

(Assoc Prof Shirley Ho)
​2013 Potential Acceptance of A Mobile Phone Based Influenza Communication System among Adolescents, Parents and Teachers: Role of Peers and Social Influence

(Assoc Prof May O. Lwin)

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