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Research Awards 2014

Date Awards
2014 Best Paper at ISIC: The Information Behaviour Conference

Assistant Professor Natalie Pang received the Best Paper Award at the ISIC conference for the paper titled “Crisis-based information seeking: Monitoring versus blunting in the information seeking behaviour of working adults during the Southeast Asian Haze Crisis”. (Read more)

Emerald Literati Network: Outstanding Reviewer Award
Associate Professor Lee Chei Sian was awarded the 2014 Outstanding Reviewer Award in the Online Information Review by the Emerald Literati Network. The Online Information Review is an international ISI-listed journal dedicated to research in online information.


Emerald Literati Network: Outstanding Paper Award 
Associate Professor Alton Chua was awarded the Outstanding Paper Award for the paper titled “Customer knowledge management via social media: the case of Starbucks” in the Journal of Knowledge Management by the Emerald Literati Network.
The Outstanding Paper Award is conferred annually to one paper chosen from all the papers which were published in the journal that year. Selected by the Editorial Advisory Board, the winning paper is required to contribute to the existing body of knowledge, have an excellent structure, show rigour in terms of argument, and be relevant to current research and practice, among other characteristics. 

2014 Prof Ang Peng Hwa becomes first Asian to lead the International Communication Association

Professor Ang Peng Hwa was elected President-Elect Select by the members of the International Communication Association (ICA) in the 2014 ICA online election, becoming the first Asian to lead the international organisation. (Read more)
2014 Prof Richard Ling secures research grant award from Telenor ASA

Professor Richard Ling was awarded a $65,880 grant from Telenor ASA for the project titled “Ethnographic Study of People's Use of Mobile Telephony in Myanmar”. The project examines the social consequences of the commercialisation of mobile communication in Myanmar. (Read more)
2014 Dr Lai Chih-Hui secures grant award from American Red Cross

Assistant Professor Lai Chih-Hui (PrincipaI Investigator) and her team comprising co-Principal Investigators Associate Professor Arul Chib and Professor Rich Ling were awarded a $50,000 grant from the American Red Cross, under the Global Disaster Preparedness Centre (GDPC), for a multi-country project investigating Southeast Asian mobile communication for disaster preparedness. The project collects field data from Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. (Read more)
Dr May Lwin receives award from The Ogilvy Foundation

Associate Professor May O. Lwin received the US$24,000 Ogilvy Foundation Award for her expertise in Strategic Communication. The award would allow Dr Lwin to lead a transformative educational project in Myanmar to enhance strategic communication fields. The grant came from The Ogilvy Foundation in New York, which was established in honour of the late David Ogilvy, founder of the international Ogilvy & Mather organisation. The Foundation promotes the teaching of advertising, marketing and communication at academic institutions around the world.

2014 Assoc Prof Jung Younbo and team secure grant award from Tote Board

Associate Professor Jung Younbo and his research team comprising graduate students Jeremy Sng and Mincheol Shin secured a $100,000 grant award from Tote Board (Singapore Totalisator Board) for the research project “Social TV for the Elderly”. By combining social activity features (i.e. sharing comments and opinions about TV content) with entertainment features of TV, the elderly may experience greater perceived interaction and enjoyment when they watch social TV. Tote Board encourages applications for funding in applied research, specifically service delivery and innovation in the development of a future ready social services sector.
2014 Dr May Lwin receives research grant award from Singapore Heart Foundation

Associate Professor May O. Lwin secured a grant award of $80,000 from the Singapore Heart Foundation for the research project titled “BP Initiative @ Schools: Assessing the Extended and Longitudinal Effects of Knowledge Sharing and Measurement of Blood Pressure”. (Read more)
2014 Asst Prof Natalie Pang secures research grant from National Heritage Board

Assistant Professor Natalie Pang secured a research grant from the National Heritage Board for the project titled “Documenting Bukit Brown – Exploring New Horizons of Knowledge”. Involving scholars from the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), the collaborative applied project presents an interactive system that captures collected records with geographic information, and is part of an exhibition on the Bukit Brown Cemetery Documentation Project.
2014 Asst Prof Peng Tai-Quan wins Microsoft research award

Assistant Professor Peng Tai-Quan (Winson) won the Windows Azure for Research award from Microsoft Research, receiving a Windows Azure Platform 12-month Research Pass. Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform which allows researchers to build, deploy and manage applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres. Winning proposals in the award programme receive large allocations of Azure compute and storage resources for one year. (Read more)
2014 Assoc Prof Shirley Ho secures MDA research grant award

Associate Professor Shirley Ho secured a research grant award of $94,800 from the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) for the research project “Digital Media Literacy: Cyber Wellness of Singapore Youths and Adults”. (Read more)
2014 Prof Charles Salmon wins Harold L. Nelson Award

Professor Charles Salmon received the Harold L. Nelson Award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison for his distinguished contribution to journalism and mass communication education.