Assoc Prof Shirley Ho secures MDA research grant award

Associate Professor Shirley Ho secured a research grant award of $94,800 from the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) for the research project “Digital Media Literacy: Cyber Wellness of Singapore Youths and Adults”.

Social media dependency is becoming one of the biggest threats to the cyber well-being of Internet users. Assoc Prof Ho’s project aims to examine the state of cyber wellness among Singaporeans. Its main objectives are to (a) develop a set of comprehensive social media dependency indicators; (b) compare the extent of social media dependency among youths and adult Singaporeans; and (c) identify factors that encourage or discourage social media dependency among Singaporean youths and adults. Findings from the project will help inform policy decisions in developing a holistic public outreach approach to encourage safe and responsible use of the Internet among youths and the general public.