PONdER: Public Opinion of Nuclear Energy

Principal Investigator (PI): Assoc Prof Shirley Ho

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI): Prof Erik CAMBRIA (NTU), Prof NA Jin Cheong (NTU), Dr Augustine PANG (NTU), Dr Natalie PANG (NTU), Prof Charles T. SALMON (NTU), Dr. Edson TANDOC (NTU), Dr THENG Yin Leng, Dr Tim WHITE (NTU), and Prof Claude GUET (NTU)

Collaborators: Nil

Funding Agency: National Research Foundation

Start Date: Mar 2016

End Date: On-going

Abstract: The main objective of this research program is to gauge public opinion towards nuclear energy across five Southeast Asian (SEA) countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Understanding how the public perceive nuclear energy in the region will enable policymakers to make informed national policies and decisions pertaining to nuclear energy, as well as shape communication strategies to inform the public about nuclear energy. More importantly, there is a dearth of research that looks at public opinion of nuclear energy in SEA. Given the unique and distinct cultural and political landscape of SEA, it is pertinent to understand the socio-cultural factors that may influence public attitude towards nuclear energy. The results will allow us to distill information packages that summarize and understand public opinion of nuclear energy that are beneficial for key stakeholders including policymakers, universities and industry players, and the community.