BP Initiative @ Schools: Assessing the Extended and Longitudinal Effects of Knowledge Sharing and Measurement of Blood Pressure

Principal Investigator (PI): Assoc Prof May Lwin

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI): Nil

Collaborators: Nil

Funding Agency: Singapore Heart Foundation

Start Date: May 2014

End Date: On-going

Abstract: Given the prevalence and undesirable outcomes of hypertension, and with cardiovascular diseases becoming more common amongst Singapore population, the BP Initiative @ Schools program aims to raise the awareness of the importance of blood pressure management amongst the Singapore public, with primary school students acting as information intermediaries. The study seeks to assess the program’s efficacy by tracking primary school students’ as well as their family members’ knowledge and attitude toward blood pressure management over the course of a year-long program. Enhanced blood pressure management awareness can then serve to encourage Singaporeans to assess blood pressure more regularly and subsequently decrease prevalence of hypertension.