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An Examination of the Application of Social Media and Related Analysis Tools for the Humanitarian Sector in the Asia-Pacific Region

Principal Investigator (PI): Asst Prof Lai Chih-Hui

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI): Nil

Collaborators: Nil

Funding Agency: American Red Cross

Start Date: Apr 2015

End Date: Jun 2015

Abstract: The project aims to solicit data from regular citizens’ self-reported opinions and usage of social media and related analysis tools, to help answer the practical question of whether and in what ways organizations’ information behaviour leads to disaster preparedness and resilience building. Findings of this project are useful to multiple stakeholders involved in disaster preparedness. In particular, humanitarian organizations benefit in gaining knowledge about whether and how to use new technologies such as social media and related analysis tools in their existing programmes of disaster preparedness and community outreach. Community leaders also benefit by knowing whether and how to utilize social media in building up resources with humanitarian organizations for short-term disaster preparedness and long-term community resilience.