A population-level study of vaccine attitude, acceptance, and uptake in Singapore

Principal Investigator (PI): Assoc Prof May O. Lwin

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI): Professor Schubert Foo, Santosh Vijaykumar, Chee Fu Yung (TTSH)

Collaborators: Cheong Siew Ann

Funding Agency: MOH

Start Date: Jul 2015

End Date: On-going

Abstract: Influenza and dengue are two communicable diseases that have substantial burdens on the public health and economic ecosystems of Singapore. However, both these national concerns are at different points of the vaccination continuum. While the readily available seasonal influenza vaccine has witnessed poor uptake rates, media reports suggest that the dengue vaccine may be licensed and available in 2015/16, spurring popular debate about its documented efficacy and potential use. Across these events, the public health system and policymaking community is confronted with the twin challenges of improving low influenza vaccine coverage on the one hand, and managing the limited scientific evidence and public perception data critical in the process to evaluate the new dengue vaccine on the other.

This proposal is an attempt to bolster the national response to these twin challenges by conducting the first national study of the informational, structural and psychological dynamics that currently influence influenza vaccine uptake, and might affect future public response to the dengue vaccine.