A Crowdsourcing Approach to Building a Smart City

Principal Investigator (PI): Assoc Prof Lee Chei Sian

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI): Assoc Prof Goh Hoe Lian, Dion, Prof Theng Yin Leng, Asst Prof Sin Sei Ching Joanna

Collaborators: Mr Naveen Nandan, Dr Daniel Dahlmeier

Start Date: Mar 2016

End Date: On-going

Abstract: A smart city is one that can optimally use its technological resources and infrastructure to enhance operational efficiencies as well as serve the needs of its residents. The central premise for cities as they move towards becoming smart cities is to make city-related information available. Indeed, residents in a city may encounter a myriad of information needs in their daily lives and will require access to information to meet these needs. This project thus aims to propose and evaluate an integrated mobile crowdsourcing solution in the context of a smart city that meets the information needs of city residents and appeals to all city stakeholders (i.e. governments, businesses and residents). The specific objectives of the proposed project are: 1)to construct a theoretical framework for crowdsourcing in smart cities. The construction of the proposed framework is informed by two complementary theoretical perspectives: the uses and gratification paradigm and the theory of situational publics; 2) to design and develop an integrated crowdsourcing prototype. As part of the design, we will (a) develop different tools for different types of crowd networks (i.e. general versus expert crowds) (b) incorporate gaming mechanics on the platform to enhance users’ participation; 3) to evaluate the prototype and examine its social implications of use. We will conduct large scale evaluations of our crowdsourcing prototype in real-life communities in Singapore. The proposed project will advance our understanding on the effectiveness of crowdsourcing technologies in the context of smart cities and the roles the different stakeholders (e.g. governments, residents/citizens, and business organizations) play within the smart city ecosystem.