Dr Lee Chu Keong

I am a chemical engineer by training, and I have diverse teaching experience accumulated since I began teaching in 1991. In the Wee Kim Wee School, I have, so far, taught in two programmes, namely, the Master of Science (Information Studies) and Master of Science (Knowledge Management). In 2015, I taught the undergraduates for the first time (in the Information Analytics track).

I am currently the programme director for the Master of Science (Knowledge Management) and the Master of Science (Information Studies) programmes.  I have diverse interest, I have taught in various modules in both programmes -- Music and Art Libraries; Science and Technology Sources and Services; Management and Business Sources and Services; Sources and Searching; Foundations of Knowledge Management; and Information and Knowledge Assets.

Teaching is something I enjoy doing very much, and I’ve been told that I’m “natural” and “authentic” in front of the students, teaching. I am humbled that I won the Nanyang Teaching Award (School Level) in March 2015. mostly by having fun.  I’m really blessed because I’m doing what I love. I like to experiment, and now, I am experimenting with teaching using stamps and first day covers. I take the KM students out on walks sometimes, which can help them think “out-of-the-box”.  They can also talk about things they would not otherwise.

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with many-many opportunities to learn. These have been provided by parents, teachers, mentors, colleagues and also employers. Realising that many people have not had the opportunities that I benefited from, I started to do two things: (1) trying to provide students with as many learning opportunities as possible; and (2) starting OpenlySolved, an initiative that helps students from less well-to-do families in Singapore (www.openlysolved.org).

I also like photography, and so I combined information science and photography to come up with “informational photographs”, as opposed to artistic ones (there are enough of these out there, e.g., in Flickr). Photographs have the potential to convey so much information in a wordless way, information critical to some people.

I’m always available for coffee and a chat. Do drop by some time.