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​WKWSCI’s first ever Institute of Media Innovation’s Research Commercialisation via Spinoffs award

Published on: 06-Mar-2015

​Congratulations to Professor Schubert Foo, Associate Professor May O. Lwin and Assistant Professor Natalie Pang and their team members for winning WKWSCI's first ever Institute of Media Innovation's Research Commercialisation via Spinoffs award. This award is to acknowledge the team's hard work, sincerity and dedication to work toward commercialisation.

a) Associate Professor May O. Lwin (PI), Professor Schubert Foo and team members (Dr Santosh Vijaykumar, Dr Newton Fernando, Dr Cheong Siew Ann, Dr Astrid Almkhlaafy, Vajira  Rathnayake, Gentatsu Lim). This first project is named Mo-Buzz, and was officially launched in Sri Lanka in 2013 and 2015 for the public health inspectors and the public respectively.

b) Assistant Professor Natalie Pang (PI), Professor Schubert Foo, and team members (Dr Zhang Xue, Samantha Vu, Dr Owen Noel Newton Fernando,  Sooriya Bandara Mudalige Chamika Deshan, and Jeffrey Hong).  This second project is Point-to-Know, and has been launched and used in Singapore since 2013.

The award presentation was held on 6 Mar 15 at the Innovation Centre.  Both teams represent the Centre of Social Media Innovations for Communities (COSMIC) headed by Professor Schubert Foo.

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