Wee-Nation Guide


Misconceptions of University KIDS: Debunked

by Samantha Tan | Photography Tan Pei Lin, Clifford Lee, WKWSCIFOC committee

University life is a mystery especially during your first year. Don’t worry. We make sure you are in- the­know with our Wee Guide to various misconceptions faced by freshmen.

1. Your life is over if you mess up the first year

Effective from AY2014­15, you can exclude up to 6 letter­graded courses from GPA computation that do not make the pass grade in your Freshmen Year. These courses have to be your first attempt and includes examinable and non­examinable courses taken in your first 2 semesters at NTU. If that does not encourage you to take more academic risk in your first year, you can count on your seniors to give you advice on what courses you should take. Wee­Kids are prone to over- sharing with juniors and on social media. On top of that, you must have heard about the flexibility at WKWSCI. You do not have to choose your specialization in the first year. So, take your time to find out what you are interested in at no cost to your GPA.

2. You have to party all day, errr­day

University life is fun­filled with a variety of events, parties, hall activities and gatherings. However, these parties are not an excuse to drink all the time. There will be plenty of good clean fun you can engage in from bridge games to steamboat gatherings in your hall, or a few beers with your mates at Pitchstop Cafe. There is no shortage of activities and always something for everyone.

3. ... You don’t party at all

It’s hard to be an introverted Wee­Kid. We(e) work hard and play hard. Each year, the CI Club and the School organise D&D, Oktoberfest, Halloween and Reverb. If you have a wanderlust, these are many opportunities to travel for community work or out­of­classroom learning journeys. Something is bound to attract you to join your fellow Wee­Kids and have a real good time.

4. There are a lot of rich kids

Contrary to popular belief, most of us are not as wealthy and rely on financial aid such as:

  • Tuition Fee Loan Scheme (NTU)
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) Education Scheme
  • Study Loan
  • Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS)
  • Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)
  • Bursaries and Scholarships (NTU and WKWSCI)

And the list goes on. NTU and WKWSCI have comprehensive schemes to help you when the need arises during our years of enrolment.

Need a computer? The School has multiple PC and Mac labs open for use. NTU also grants interest­free loans to finance you when the need arises.

Furthermore, NTU provides emergency grants to help students cope with urgent needs. Visit the NTU Financial Assistance website for more information.

5. You have to make all your friends on the first day

The best relationships are formed with like­minded peers. Every group project offers you the opportunity to strut your stuff, impress your peers and learn from them. Bring on your sincerity, humor and commiment to pursue excellence. We promise you will make good friends in no time.

Wee­kids like to do their best :)