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Wee-Nation Guide


6 Types of Wee-Kids
Be in the know before your Freshmen
Orientation Camp. Here are 6 types of Wee-Kids
you will meet in Wee Nation. MORE
Bench Moments
From events to last minute study mugging, there is never a dull moment at the benches! MORE
NTU Money Hacks
Find out how you can save money and get the best deals on campus. MORE
Hardware vs. Heartware
What laptop should you get? This age-old battle of
PC vs. Mac continues once again. MORE
Food of the West
The west side is filled with food places that offer an array of delicious local food. From Teochew
porridge to Roti prata; if you crave it, you got it!
CI Club
Liked what you saw? This is your chance to make a difference! MORE
Freshman Orientation Camp
Join us from 6th to 10th July and get to know your future coursemates. MORE
Misconceptions of University KIDS
Debunked – We’ll make sure you are in- the­know with our Wee Guide to various misconceptions faced by freshmen. MORE
What’s in My Bag?
Get inspired on how to pack your bags for school
by taking a peek into the bags of other Wee-Kids. MORE