Wee-Nation Guide


6 Types of Wee­Kids

by Khoo Jia Jia

Be in the know before your Freshmen Orientation Camp. Here are 6 types of Wee­Kids you will meet in Wee Nation.

This one really wants his participation points. There is one every class, and every time his/her right hand goes up, the class lets out a collective groan. No question is a stupid question and you have to admire their thirst for knowledge, but come on... I’m already late for my next class!
IDENTIFIABLE BY: Their famous line: “one more question”


He or She lives on Campus, but are somehow always slightly late. They are usually surrounded by fellow Hall mates and are most commonly seen at supper spots nearby NTU late at night. They sometimes also show up to class in their Hall t-shirts and denim shorts and slippers because lets face it, they do live in school.

IDENTIFIABLE BY: Their lazy dressing and their tendency to break out in cheers that they learned in hall camp. “Hall 11! *clap clap clap clap clap*”


The ‘Athlete’ pounds the pavements and stadium tracks religiously. Seeing them dressed in tight­fitting jerseys and Nike pros, makes you temporarily motivated until you pass by Llao Llao.

IDENTIFIABLE BY: Their well­tanned and toned bodies. Their irresistible air of confidence wherever they go.


Always the first to respond in class, always the one with that killer PowerPoint presentation that renders you pale in comparison. This person is the one that everybody wants to work with for projects.

IDENTIFIABLE BY: Their constant and effortless stream of A to A+ grades.


Ahhh the enthusiasm and zest for life that is of the freshman student. Seniors can only look on in envy and reminisce about the good ol’ days.

IDENTIFIABLE BY: Their abundance of energy and spark.


You hardly ever see him or her around, because he or she occasionally floats into the lecture hall alone and vanishes immediately after lecture ends. The “Hantu” resurrects when the exam season comes.

IDENTIFIABLE BY: Their late night texts to the “Hard­Core”, begging for help right before a deadline.