Professional Internship


Internship Story 5

Research Beyond the Classroom
by Khoo Jia Jia, published on 25 Sep 2015

Magnus, A year 3 communication policy and research major, took some time to tell us about his internship experience at LTA.

Q: How has your experience been so far?

A: So far, my experience has been a positive one on the overall. In my brief stay of about three months, I have been able to "pull weight" and have my say in some issues, and have also had some great learning experiences. These experiences include designing and executing field experiments to assess some soft measures aimed at enhancing the travel experience of commuters, learning the processes behind the regulation of rail operations and communicating relevant information to the public, as well as assisting in the facilitation of a focus group discussion on bus commutes.

Q: How has your time in WKW prepared you for your internship?

A: As my specialisation is Communication Research, the research­centric modules which I took in the previous semester doubtlessly equipped me with the skills needed to plan and conduct the field experiments mentioned above, and also the data analyses and report writing that follow. I will say that without a doubt, if i had not taken these modules in the preceding semester, I would not have been able to do what I have already done (research work) and will do in the upcoming months.

Apart from research modules, the various modules that I took in previous years involving writing, speaking, and presenting have also provided me with the necessary practice in the various aspects of communication. This practice has in turn allowed me to communicate my ideas well in person in various situations (e.g. internal discussions, liaising with external organisations) and also write in a way that is concise, easily understood, and appropriate for the context and audience (e.g. drafting replies to feedback).

In sum, I believe that my time at WKW has given me a holistic preparation for this internship.