Professional Internship


Internship Story 3

Through the Lens of a Film Intern
by Jonathan Lee, published on 08 Dec 2015

Jeanette is currently doing her internship at Little Red Ants. Here's what she had to say about her experience so far.

Q: How has your experience at Little Red Ants been so far?

A: As an intern at Little Red Ants, everyday brings something different. My job task for the day could range from being on shoot as a film crew to editing a video to buying props or doing location scouting for an upcoming project. There were days where we had to get ready at 6am to catch the sunrise for a scene, or work within the space constraints of a small kopitiam kitchen to film the cooking process. I also get to try out different roles for a variety of projects and that has allowed me to be involved in every facet of broadcast production. You realise how much preparation and logistics are required behind the scenes of a well shot video. In this sense I get to learn something new everyday instead of being stuck in a routine.

Q: How has your time in WKW prepared you for your internship?

A: I came into WKW with the intention of pursuing broadcast, but I have never limited myself with regard to the courses available. Broadcast journ and RSCM were courses that were greatly beneficial and relevant to my internship, because they tried to stimulate the pressures of the industry and taught the basic technical skills and theoretical knowledge. The design and PR modules that I took also honed my soft skills on how to handle and communicate well with clients. The strong foundation that WKW gave me has built up my confidence to go out there and gain as much experience as I can, to do my best, and not to be fearful of committing mistakes.