Professional Internship


Internship Story 1

Taking a step into the World of Advertising
by Jonathan Lee, published on 22 May 2015

Year 3 advertising major Amos Chen took some time off his internship at DDB to share with us his experience there so far.

Q: How has your experience at DDB been so far?

A: From admiring the works of one of the world’s leading creative agencies to having the opportunity and privilege of collaborating, producing and executing ideas with an immensely talented team of creatives is a dream come true for an aspiring copywriter like me. Not to mention being able to finally work on real accounts and going through the bittersweet process of ideating and creative problem­solving has been nothing short of a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Q: How has your time in WKW prepared you for your internship?

A: With an array of courses ranging from Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Broadcast and Cinema Studies as well as Communications Research, the curriculum in WKW not only offered breadth but also equipped me with knowledge that is relevant, practical and up­to­date. The courses I took in my first year offered me a glimpse into the various specialisation tracks, and the beauty of it all is how these knowledge and skills I acquired are transferable. For instance, production and script writing skills I picked up in Broadcast modules were applicable to Advertising when it came to producing television commercials.