Overseas Opportunities


Short Overseas Journalism (SOJOURN)

Louisa Tang, a Mediacorp scholar, shares her experience in Cambodia, for WKWSCI's SOJOURN trip.

"Blood, sweat, and yet more sweat ­ that’s what 12 of us WKWSCI students got on our trip to Cambodia for SOJOURN during recess week.

SOJOURN (Short Overseas Journalism) is a WKWSCI travel writing practicum course offered every second semester of the academic year. Students get to go to a country (it changes every year) for a week, and ultimately produce two pieces of travel journalism: a print story and a multimedia piece.

Written by Louisa Tang | Photography by Bingyu Wu

During the course, we got to hone our observation and description skills, as well as understand different cultures, interact with the local people, and be able to write from the perspective of a travel writer. It was such a fun time, mostly because we got to hone our journalistic skills and hang out with one another!

Not only were the Cambodian streets always lively, we got to visit the famous Angkor temples, fish, ride bamboo bikes, watch kickboxing and dance performances, rock climb, abseil, and basically have a good time. That’s where the blood and sweat comes in ­ many of us injured ourselves, and our brains almost melted from the Cambodian heat. But that was all part of the experience. The whole gang even put aside their stories on the third night and got together for a round of mini golf.

Alongside those activities, we also constantly worked on our stories. Travel writing is surprisingly difficult, but we were greatly aided by our intrepid instructor, Assistant Professor Andrew Duffy. SOJOURN definitely expanded my journalistic scope, as I was never well­versed in feature writing or any form of travel writing. It’s just one way WKW has broadened my educational horizons."